The first creature collecting and Battling game
on the XRPL
Will you become the very best?
© 2023

Choose your own 1/1 Zerpmon

Every Zerpmon is a completely unique and handcrafted 1/1 collectible creature. There will only ever be 1 owner for each Zerpmon at a time.

Catch Zerpmon on the XRPL

There will be no "Mint" for Zerpmon.

Zerpmon will be listed for sale in small batches over time on top XRPL Marketplaces, it is up to you to find them before other trainers.

Complete Missions and Earn XRP

Once you have caught a Zerpmon you like. Complete daily missions (Solo Battling) to earn instant XRP and level them up. Our integrated rewards mechanism has been meticulously crafted to sustain and support the long term growth of Zerpmon.

Battle your Friends and other Trainers

You can battle your friends and other Trainers with your Zerpmon squad as much as you'd like. Regular tournaments are also held, sponsored by some of the biggest projects on the XRPL, with massive grand prizes.

Which Zerpmon will you choose?

Easy to play,
Difficult to master
With every Zerpmon being a completely unique 1/1, there is one for everyone

Zerpmon is bringing an entirely new kind of NFT gaming experience to the XRPL

Zerpmon was crafted to be the perfect balance between the complexity of creature collecting games and the accessibility that Discord-integrated games provide.

We have created a game that is easy to pick-up and play by anyone with limited to no gaming experience, yet also provides many complex and unique strategies for those who want to read deeply into the many mechanics that contribute to combat.

Zerpmon can also be played on almost any device due to its Discord integration.
We have primed the game for growth and mass adoption.

Players will earn daily instant XRP from completing combat Missions.

These rewards are sustained by 100% of all store transactions being added to the Missions rewards holdings. The Zerpmon store provides players a way to speed up 'cooldown' periods by spending XRP.

As the player-base grows, so will the number of number of transactions within the store, which in turn increases the rewards for active players completing daily Missions.
Increases in rewards then leads to new players from different audiences becoming more interested in the game.

This mechanism creates a strong cycle of self-sustaining growth and is an in-built mechanism to increase reward amounts as the player base grows.

Zerpmon is a passion project created by a team of experienced XRPL builders with a love for gaming, NFTs and collecting.

We have crafted Zerpmon to be a fun, complex, unique and massively accessible gaming experience that can be enjoyed by anyone, from anywhere.

The journey will begin in our Official Discord server, but do not expect it to stay just there.

Trainers Handbook

View Handbook
The Zerpmon Trainers Handbook is an essential read for anyone interested in playing the game
Visit our official Discord for any questions